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Web Development for a Music Web App

We're building a new website that aggregates music stats from Soundcloud and provides a powerful dashboard to analyze music trends. This project will consist of 2 main parts: - a scraping engine that collects statistics from Soundcloud's API - a web dashboard showcasing the statistics You'll be architecting the high-level project structures with me (I'm a Waterloo alumni and now a software engineer), but you'll have full autonomy and decision making power for the actual development. The goal is to develop something pretty quickly and simply. Ideally, you have a pretty good background in general web technologies. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks!

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Project Based


Galatic Vibes

Posted on April 11th 2020

iOS, Android, and React developers needed

I’m building a food-based app for the Waterloo area. I will be doing back-end development and I need someone for front end, and the mobile applications. There’s nothing too fancy in the app for its initial stages. Payment can either be cash or if you are interested and experienced, I am looking for a partner and CTO. Thanks!

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Project Based



Posted on September 19th 2019